10 Must-Do Things To Do In Milos, Greece

Milos is part of the Cyclades archipelago, these Greek islands with blue and white villages and postcard airs. Rather well preserved from mass tourism, it is a sublime island.

If you can, go outside of August. Spring and September are perfect for enjoying the island’s superb beaches, translucent waters, volcanic landscapes and small Cycladic villages.

We have been to Milos several times because this island is one of our favorites. We love her very much and know her well. So we share here nour top 10 things to do in Milos. The essentials of the island as well as our favorites off the beaten track.

1- The lunar landscape of Sarakiniko

© Marc D. and Laure M.

If there’s one thing you absolutely must do in Milos, it’s definitely Sarakiniko. This is an absolutely unique natural site where the deep blue sea sculpts sparkling white volcanic rocks. The scenery is spectacular.

Swimming is possible on the very small beach or by taking a dip from the rocks.

Also go see the galleries dug under the rocks, it’s worth a look.

2- Fishing villages

Top 10 things to do in Milos - visit milos - unmissable Milos
© Laura M.

Favorite guaranteed for the fishing villages Klima, Firopotamos and Mandrakia!

  • Climate is a charming fishing port lined with small two-storey fishermen’s huts whose windows and doors are multicolored (see photo in one of this article). The ground floor is generally occupied by boat garages… although now some houses have been refurbished to serve as Airbnb accommodation (that being said, it is a charming place to sleep for a few nights in Milos).
  • Mandraki : a small village that looks like a postcard. We advise you to have lunch at the Medusa tavern, a very nice little tavern where the octopus is very well cooked.
  • firopotamos : a charming port with a white and blue church, a small beach, fishermen’s huts and a translucent sea.

3- A boat trip to admire the cliffs of Kleftiko

Top 10 things to do in Milos - visit milos - unmissable Milos
The Kleftiko website © Laure M.

Among the things to do in Milos, admiring the cliffs of Kleftiko is absolutely unmissable. You can only get there by boat. It is therefore best to book a day or half-day excursion. It is a unique experience which certainly has a cost, but which deserves to be experienced.

Due to the volcanic past of the island, the coastline of Milos is very different from that of the other islands of the Cyclades. The spectacle of the cliffs from the sea is fabulous.

We recommend for this the semi-private cruises of Manawa as well as the excursions of Get your Guide (photos below).

We give you all our tips for choosing a boat trip HERE.

4 – The village of Plaka

The village of Plaka in Milos
The village of Plaka in Milos © Laure M.

Capital of the island of Milos, the village of Plaka is full of charm. We advise you to go there rather at the end of the day, to admire the sunset.

Plaka is a real Cycladic village: pedestrian streets, churches with rounded domes, whitewashed houses. After strolling through the small streets, we recommend that you take a look at the archaeological museum which notably houses a copy of the famous Venus (Aphrodite) of Milo as well as several other pieces worthy of interest. Like for example the Lady of Filakopi, a small clay figurine dating from 1200 BC. J.-C.

To do in Milos absolutely: climb above the village of Plaka, at the top of the kastroto admire the exceptional view.

5- The beaches

Top 10 things to do in Milos - visit milos - unmissable Milos
Fyriplaka beach in Milos – © Laure M.

Milos has several sandy beaches which will delight lovers of swimming and idleness. In addition, the sea is very often transparent, with superb shades of blue… a real treat.

We go around the beaches of Milos in our article “The most beautiful beaches of Milos“.

6- Sunset

Top 10 things to do in Milos - visit milos - unmissable Milos
© Mark D.

We often talk about the sunsets of Santorini… but those of Milos are magnificent too.

To admire the sunset in Milos, several options are available to you:

  • admire the sunset from Plaka Churchfacing the sea. The orange lights which are reflected on the white walls of the Church give a very special atmosphere
  • right next to the Church, you can also settle down at the Utopia Bar to admire the sun sinking into the sea while sipping a cocktail
  • to climb at the top of the kastro : At the end of the day, climb to the top of Kastro, above the village of Plaka. The 360 ​​degree view is stunning. And the sunsets are beautiful
  • finally, another option: admire the sunset while lying in the sand, at the very pretty beach of Plathiena

7- Unusual Milos: walk to the old sulfur factory of Thiorichio

Unusual Milos: the sulfur factory of Thioricio
© Virginia W.

For an unusual visit to Milos, go to the old sulfur mine in Thiorichio, southeast of the island. Access is rather difficult, careful driving is more than necessary on this very bumpy track (4×4 recommended or high car on wheels). For more caution, do not hesitate to park your car to finish peacefully on foot, there are several possible places on the way. Otherwise, stop at the last bend once the mine and the sea are visible.

Once arrived on the site, one plunges into the particular atmosphere of the place. The former sulfur mining buildings with their machines and installations face the former housing of the mine workers. Children will love playing explorers and telling stories by exploring the different rooms where furniture and furnishings still exist. Pass under the stone bridge of the small railway line and you are on a beach of small pebbles, far from the crowds where a refreshing bath will be welcome before getting back to the car.

This place being in the middle of nowhere, in summer do not leave without water, hat and sunscreen, no periptero around!

8- A leap into the past: The catacombs and the ancient theater

Top 10 things to do in Milos - visit milos - unmissable Milos
© Laura M.

The catacombs

Another curiosity to do in Milos: the catacombs. Not far from Plaka, near the village of Tripiti, one can see vast catacombs (these are the largest in the world after those of Rome). They are carved into the mountain. This is where the early Christians gathered and buried their dead. The guided tour is interesting.

The ancient theater of Milos

the ancient theater of Milos worth a look. Rather well preserved, it also offers a beautiful panorama of the coast of Milos. In addition, it is located not far from the place where the famous Venus de Milo was discovered. Moreover, news July 2022, a replica of the famous statue is now on display there near the site where it was discovered in 1820.

9- The mining museum

Located in Adamas (the port of Milos) the mine museum is really to do in Milos. And ideally at the start of the journey (not the last day, like us). the name of the museum may seem off-putting but nevertheless the visit is interesting, we promise you.

The richness of the soil in Milos is surprising. The minerals present in the volcanic bowels of the island are exhibited in this museum. And there are explanations of mining and extraction methods. Visiting the museum allows you to really understand the island and fully admire its landscapes.

10- Excursion to Kimolos or Polyaigos


If you stay several days in Milos, opt for a day trip to the islands of Kimolos and Polyaigos. This allows you to get off the beaten track and sail on transparent waters. Whatever excursion you choose, swimming stops are planned. Unforgettable moments !!!

We haven’t tested it but we have spotted this trip to Polyaigos on Get Your Guide: Milos and Polyaigos Day Trip from Adamantasin English.


To go to Milos, you can book your ferry tickets on the Ferry Hopper website.

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