Agristri : Discover this beautiful island

Agistri, often spelled Angistri and sometimes referred to as Myli, is one of the lesser-known islands of Greece outside the country itself. And this is precisely what gives it its charm and individuality. If you are short on time, a sailing tour departing from Athens may bring you there in only one day (see this all-inclusive excursion to Agistri from Athens)

Why visit the island of  Agistri ?

Only one hour to the south of Athens, in the Saronic Gulf, you’ll find a fantastic location to spend a few days.

Despite its little size, Agistri offers a multitude of advantages, including the following:

  • The port of Piraeus, which is conveniently located nearby and can be reached with a short boat journey, is just a few minutes away.
  • As a result of its status as a conserved area, the surrounding environment has been protected to a greater extent from the negative effects of urbanization and vehicular pollution.
  • You can move about by walking, riding a bike, or using a scooter if you want to get some exercise.
  • Its many facets, such as cities, beaches and coves, forests, and other types of terrain, never cease to amaze us and provide us with new reasons to explore it.

The ports of Milos and Scala: an unmissable part of your visit to the island

You will be able to view the island from its northern coast if you use a boat to go there. Both Skala and Megalochori, which is often referred to as Mylos, are considered to be the two major communities on the island. They are separated by a beautiful beach that is two miles long.

There is a lot of beauty to be found in the white buildings, narrow alleyways, and old dwellings that can be found in Mylos, as well as in the little church that can be found in the town’s centre.

The bars and tavernas in Skala cater mostly to vacationers and visitors. A beautiful sandy beach may be found in the hamlet right next to the harbour. Coves similar to Skliri that are more remote and secluded may be found along the coast’s western coastline. Unfortunately, some of them have been taken over by the hotels that are located nearby, which has made them more difficult for the public to visit.


The Agistri island’s back country

Behind the island’s charming facade is a wilder and less explored side that is less well recognized. After that, pine forest quickly recovers and spreads throughout the whole of this high ridge, and it finally ends up in the water just off of the ridge’s southern coast.

There are a number of hiking trails that traverse the mountain, and some of these trails provide a view of the ocean. There are a few spots along the shore where one may get a good look at the ocean’s turquoise water. An illustration of this may be seen on the nudist beach in Chalikiadas, for instance.

Limenaria is a stunning community located on an island that is mainly devoid of inhabitants. The only way to access this side of the island is by driving down a winding road that ascends precipitously before descending to it.

Presentation of the city of Limenaria

The town centre is a wonderful place to take a break since it has amenities such as a playground, a church, and a bar. Limenaria is a city that is completely surrounded by land, and it is located near the coast. Coves and beaches are accessible through a network of twisting pathways that may be rather small at times. You’ll discover a number of items, including Mariza Beach, as you go below the village.

After leaving Limenaria, continue in the direction indicated to reach Aponisos. Olive groves and vineyards have begun to take the place of the pine woods that used to dominate the area. At the very end of the road is a lake that you may swim in.

The harbour of Aponissos may be found at the very tip of the island.

This portion of the island is unquestionably a prized possession. In proximity to a quaint harbour can be found a bar, as well as a private beach with waters as clear as crystal. The odd sight of a white church perched on top of the island of Dorousa (Profitis Ilias) adds a touch of lyrical allure to the setting.

Agistri is a wonderful location for travel

Finding a place to stay in Agistri is a breeze in comparison to other cities. Using sites such as, AirBnB, or another website of a similar kind, visitors may locate a large selection of available places to stay in either town. The website for Agistri also has a number of different hotel booking alternatives. Rosy’s Little Village stands out as an exceptional choice for families since it caters to their needs.

There are two ways to reach to Agistri from the mainland: by ferry, which takes around two and a half hours, or by hydrofoil, which takes less than an hour. Ferry Hopper makes it easy to make bookings, and the platform is compatible with online payment methods. Remember that the island of Agistri will show up as Myli on the booking site; this should not come as a surprise to you.

Sailboat trips departing from Athens and making their way to Agistri are still another option.

On this island’s single road, there are a number of rental companies that provide bicycles and scooters for usage. Taxis and public buses are other modes of transportation that can deliver you to the most significant sites.

Nevertheless, walking is still the approach that is easiest, least expensive, and most suited for the situation. As you go down the coastline, you will come across a number of paths and short distances that provide opportunities to pause and take in the breathtaking scenery of the secluded coves.

You may also choose to tour the island by boat, which will allow you to visit some great swimming spots that are inaccessible by any other means. Inquire at the ports of Skala and Mylos about options for day excursions.

Both Skala and Mylos include a number of dining establishments of their own. We have a lot of confidence in the Toxotis tavern in Skala, so you should check it out. It is possible that having a picnic would be simplified by the presence of small businesses and bakeries.

Visiting Agistri in family

When travelling across the island with young children, navigation might be challenging. It is not recommended to use bicycles or scooters when travelling. When it comes to the beaches, the rocky coves do not provide the same level of tranquilly as the sand does.

Your children will have a wonderful time exploring the island so long as they are able to walk rapidly and ride bikes (although you should warn them about the steep hills).

You must first go to in order to reach Agistri

Ferries from the port of Piraeus, which are run by Aegan Flying Dolphins and Hellenic Seaways, depart every 55 minutes and take the same amount of time to go (more info on the port of Piraeus here).

If you are interested in travelling by boat with your vehicle, Saronic Ferries offers a service that will take you there in two hours and forty minutes.

A journey to Agistri might get off to a nice start from the island of Aegina. By using the Angistri Express, which departs many times throughout the day, travellers may go from Aegina to Agistri in just ten minutes.

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