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Mykonos in the Aegean Sea. One of the most famous islands of the Cyclades. Already at the airport, planes and private jets land on the tarmac and set the scene. In the streets, celebrities, clubbers and tourists share the same terraces. Mykonos is no less than 2 million tourists during the season. Visit the most cosmopolitan and festive Greek island.

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Mykonos, the island of celebration and all possibilities…

Let’s be clear, even if the island is sublime, one does not come to Mykonos only for its landscapes, its old mills, its folklore museum nor even for the saint church Paraportiani located in the center-west of the island. We come here for its unique parties, its unrestrained parties, its frenzied bikini beach parties, its sunsets and sunrises as intoxicating and colorful as our favorite cocktails! Mykonos, that’s it, a few days or a few weeks of excess, of total exaggeration. And the best thing to Mykonosis that you can do absolutely anything you want when you want.

But beware… excessiveness has a price, and it can be pupil ! Here, we are more on the budgetary standards of European capitals. Farewell to the 10€ tavern.

What to do in Mykonos?

Sport, boating, parties, bars, nightclubs, shopping… the range of possibilities is immeasurable on “Island of the Winds” as she is also nicknamed. A wind of madness as the houses, on the heights of the island with their breathtaking view of the sea, are sumptuous, as the sunsets leave us speechless, all three hours from Paris. Mykonos, the paradise island, is still today THE trendiest holiday destination.

Beaches for partying: beach bars, night clubs

Along this island, more than twenty beaches are available to tourists, almost all famous for their electric, eclectic atmosphere. Billionaire yachts, demonic parties, the whole world comes to the island to have fun and more particularly on the beach of Psaruat the house of Nammos, certainly the most upscale, renowned Beach Bar Restaurant on the island and beyond. We choose our fish directly on the beach, a glass of wine in hand, the reverse is also possible.

The beach Super Paradise southeast of the island hosts the Paradise Beach Club and the Super Paradise Beach Club, unmissable places, with more than evocative names, obligatory addresses for superheroes, daytime revelers and night owls. Internationally known, these two clubs are renowned for their state of mind, how to say… indulgent.

Quieter beaches of Mykonos

principote private beach Mykonos greece

Less bling-bling and therefore more suitable for families, the beach of Principality and the beach Panormos northwest of the island in the eponymous village are two spots to remember to take a break from Mykonos City, the tornado.

We also appreciate the wild and unorganized side of Kapari Beachto the south-west, the charm of Megali Amosthe beach located behind the famous wind mill from 16thcentury.

As for the beach Choraa stone’s throw from the port, it turns out to be a practical, unfussy and relatively nice place to cool off in the city center.

In the streets of Chora, the luxury of Mykonos

The typical narrow streets invite you to stroll and the sublime shops… shopping! A few kilometers from the hills, the streets of the old town are home to all the high-end brands the planet knows. Gucci, Versace, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Elena Makri, Zeus and Dione… all the brands have opened a boutique in Mykonos and even offer limited series specially made for the island.

The small fishing village and its street Mattheou Andronikou are definitely no longer who they were! In fact, it is in the the 50’s that the jet-set discovers the charms of the island and upsets the codes. Aristotle Onassis, one of the richest and most famous Greek shipowners, husband of Jackie Kennedy and Maria Callas among others, invites all his friends from all over the world and organizes the most extravagant and iconic parties there. Mykonos immediately becomes the symbol of luxury but also and above all of freedom, the place to be In summary. Early 70s Europe’s very first gay bar opens its doors there, the island then also becomes the unmissable meeting place for the community LGBT.

Mykonos today has the particularity of bringing together a refreshing and healthy cultural and individual diversity each summer. Everyone is welcome in Mykonos!

Little Venice, romantic area in Mykonos

Finally, a little favourite, this ultra romantic district is full of old colorful houses that were formerly dwellings dedicated to fishermen, which explains the direct access by sea. Built literally above the water, this small village recalls the city of Venice and its influences, hence the name. Cafes, restaurants, bars have now taken possession of these small dwellings. We particularly like the terraces at sunset time, without a doubt the best views on the island. We dine at Nice n’ Easy for its organic and local cuisine (the brand is already renowned in Athens with an address in the capital but also in Kifisia And Vouliagmeni), we hang around Veranda Barsimply top or au 180° Sunset Barthis place and its view give the chills so much that it is beautiful.

Water sports and outdoor activities

jet ski water sport greece
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During the day, you can take advantage of the island to practice nautical sports. They are legion in Mykonos: sailing (surfboard, kite…), diving, jet-skiing, sea kayaking. To discover here…

To enjoy the beaches and visit Mykonos and its neighboring islands, the rental of a sailboat or catamaran with or without skipper can also bring a festive spirit to the discovery of the island. We therefore recommend Athenian Yachts, a renowned boat management and rental company, as well as VoiliVoilou, a French-speaking agency which offers you a magnificent 14 m sailboat for rent with or without a skipper, departing from Lavrio to sail for a week. discovering the Northern Cyclades.

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Another outdoor activity, another style: you can also do a guided bike tour exploring the island’s beaches and vineyards (tours in English). A way to discover another, more authentic Mykonos!

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Finally, you will find many accommodations on Booking or Airbnb, and to rent a car, we recommend the Rentalcars comparator.

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