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The island of Santorini attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year…it is a unique place between land and sea, between the whiteness of the houses and the blue of the sky and the sea. Indeed, this piece of land in the Aegean Sea embodies the image of the dream Greece… This is without counting on its geological past the most fascinating of our planet; at the origin today, of a unique wine that brings us back to the fundamentals of wine tourism. Thus, we present to you Santorini wines and the top 3 wineries.

Santorini is collapsing, Santorini is going up in lava!

You probably know the myth of Atlantis or even better Noah’s Ark? We cannot certify whether a natural disaster is at the origin of these myths but in Santorini we strongly think about it…because around -1550 BC, the volcano which makes up this island, wakes up and an amazing eruption transforms the island of Santorini into ash, pumice, basalt and volcanic debris, only the edges remain…and gives it today its enchanting crescent shape.

The cliffs on which these white habitats cling today were once part of a volcano. Moreover, still active, the crater of the volcano is located in the sea in the center of this island and is called the caldera. It is on this uniquely volcanic land that surprisingly shaped vines grow and delight our taste buds.

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A land of vines facing natural phenomena

Even though Santorini has evolved enormously throughout history, there is a common thread that unites the past to the present: the cultivation of grapes. Indeed, vineyards have existed in Santorini since prehistoric times. It is an arid land almost devoid of organic life, constantly swept by a powerful wind. It is a land without water and it is a sun that burns more than it warms.

This is how there the vine flourishes with the cunning help of men. Indeed, faced with a nature apparently hostile to any form of cultivation, the vine grows and offers wines to discover absolutely. Thus, along the roads, you will discover the characteristic vineyards of Santorini which make up a true unique cultural heritage in the world.

Santorini vines
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Water is scarce but the presence of the sea deposits a dew every morning, a film of humidity. But everything lies in the size of the stock, in the shape of a nest. Indeed, thanks to pruning and placement of the woven branches in a round shape that intertwine, the leaves protect the grapes. Similarly, the “teepee” shape of the vine stock and branches protects the grape from the attacks of the wind and its wind resistance because each foot is very close to the ground. This natural difficulty limits performance but offers unique vines sometimes centuries old never affected by phylloxera.

Santorini Designation of Origin

The grape variety benefiting from the controlled designation of origin of Santorini is called Assyrtiko. It is a white Greek grape variety. Today it is true that it is widespread throughout Greece and even the world. In general, these are dry white wines, some of which are aged in oak barrels. However, certain very popular sweet wines, including the famous vinsanto are made from sun-dried grapes.

Santorini Wine Tasting
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Top 3 wineries

We offer you three wineries to sample Santorini winesour top 3.

The harvest begins the first week of August. It is a big party on the island, which lasts about two to three weeks. The winegrowers then work from 6 am. Moreover, if you are on the island in August, it is an experience not to be missed. We therefore advise you to contact the estates before your visit to find out about the price of the tasting and if a reservation is necessary.


Carved into the rock, Venetsanos, this estate opened in 1949 as a first industrial winery on the island. It was thanks to the construction of this estate, which uses natural gravity to transport the wine, that electricity came to the island in the 1950s. Thus, after having traversed its troglodyte undergrounds, you can benefit from a tasting under the terrace with breathtaking view of the caldera. I would recommend trying the Nychterithe Mandilariathe pink Anagallis and of course the vinsanto.

Address : Venetsanos Winery, Caldera Megalochori, Santorini Island

Contact : by phone at +30 22860 21100 / by email:


This estate is located in the beautiful village of Megalochori. I advise you to park at the top of the village to enjoy its beauty and the architectural details of the houses. In addition, not far from the school is the Gavalas estate and just a few meters away, you can take the opportunity to visit a cultural center dedicated to ancient music called Symposium. The terrace is superb and relaxing.

In some vineyards, such as Gavalas, visitors who wish and request it are invited to crush the grapes the old-fashioned way. With their foot, treading, they help the winegrowers to perpetuate this ancient custom. You can visit and benefit from a tasting of 9 wines. We recommend the wines Santorini and the Xenolooone is very mineral and the other fruity and spicy!

Address : Gavalas Winery, Megalochori, Santorini

Contact : by phone at +30 22860 82552 / by email:


It’s’one of the largest estates in Santorini whose current property is around 120 ha. Argyros is a hundred years old and it is the 4th generation to work the vines. Moreover, the average age of the vines exceeds 70 years. All Argyros wine tours include a visit to the vineyards and cellar, followed by a tasting guided wine pairing with artisan cheeses and charcuterie.

Address : Estate Argyros Santorini, Episkopi Gonia, Thira 847 00, Santorini

Contact : by phone at + 30 2286 031489 / by email:

But above all, don’t leave the island without a few bottles ofAssyrtiko and the famous vinsanto. A little extra: Assyrtiko ages beautifully, acquiring a complex, nutty and mineral character.

Have fun!

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