Visit Kefalonia (Kefalonia), the essential information

Kefalonia or Kefalonia in Greek, is largest of the Ionian Islands with its 780 km2. To visit it, you will need several days, ideally 4 or 5 days. Indeed, travel times are long enough to connect north to south (about 1h45 from Skala to Fiskardo) and east to west (at least 1 hour to cross the 2 parts of the island).

So we give you some tips and tricks to help you prepare well for your stay on Kefalonia and find your ideal base for exploring the island: Getting there, getting around, where to sleep, where to eat, what to see… We tell you everything to visit Kefalonia-Kefalonia in Greece !

Our practical advice for visiting Kefalonia (Kefalonia)

By plane

Kefalonia (Kefalonia) has an international airport (EFL) named “Anna Pollatou”. This allows in particular to connect the island with other Greek airports such as Athens, Zante (Zakynthos), Preveza; and also some international connections in tourist season. As an indication, Kefalonia is about 1 hour flight from Athens.

To look at the different flights, we regularly use the Ulysse flight comparator. Easy to use and in French, it also has the advantage of benefiting from real customer service.

By ferry

And what better than a ferry ride to get in the mood for a stay on a greek island ! Moreover, the island of Kefalonia has several ports including Sami, Poros, Pessada and Fiskardo.

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From the mainland:

  • If you come from Athens, you will first have to reach by road the ports of patras (2h30 drive) or Kyllini (3H30 from Athens), all to the West of the Peloponnese. These 2 ports are also accessible by bus from Kifisos bus station near Athens. From there, a ferry from Levante Ferries (car accepted) will take you to Kefalonia (Kefalonia). Count 3h30 from Patras to Sami and 1h30 from Kyllini to Poros on Kefalonia.
  • If you are in Northern Greece, the port ofAstakos connects the continent to the port of Sami in Kefalonia (Kefalonia) in 2H20 with the company Ionio Pelagos.

For more information on timetables and prices, I advise you to look on the Ferry Hopper website. Very convenient for buying your tickets online, it also has the advantage of being in French. And no need to fill in surnames, first names, date of birth of the whole family and license plate to get a price!

From other islands:

Kefalonia (Kefalonia) is also accessible from other Ionian islands such as Zante (Zakynthos), Ithaca, Lefkada, Corfu or Paxos.

You will find some links on the site Ferry Hopper. Others are provided by Ionio Pelagos like some trips from Zante, Ithaca or Lefkada. In this case, you can consult the information (prices and timetables) on the Ionio Pelagos website. But to buy the tickets, you will have to go to the agency on the port because the tickets are in paper format and handwritten. For information, in the middle of August, I had no problem buying the tickets I wanted, only 4 days before departure.

Getting around the island

By car – As on most islands and even more so on this big island, the car is the ideal means of transport to move freely in Kefalonia. If you have not put your car on the ferry, then we advise you to rent a car there. We usually book through Rental Cars, a comparator of the different car rental companies on the island.

By quad – You will also find some quads for hire. Given the size of Kefalonia, this is not the ideal means of transport to visit the island. On the other hand, to go on a safari in the mountains, explore the fauna and flora and discover the old villages of the island, it’s perfect. We also spotted this excursion offered by Manawa which tempts us!

By bus – The island of Kefalonia (Kefalonia) is also rather well served by bus during the tourist season, through its network of local bus Ktel-Kefalonias. It notably connects the airport to the capital Argostoli, the main towns of the island such as Sami, Poros, Skala, Lixouri or even Fiskardo, as well as the main points of interest of the island.

On a boat – Some beaches are isolated and only accessible by boat, for this we advise you Click&Boat. Depending on the models, you can choose to rent a small boat for the day (not necessarily needing a boat license), or a sailboat, with or without a skipper… And if you are in the Argostoli region, a another way to access the western part of the island is to take the shuttle from Argostoli which takes you opposite to Lixouri (daily crossings). From here you can then easily reach the red sand beach Xi Beach.

Where to stay in Kefalonia-Kefalonia?

The island is large and requires a stay ofat least 4 to 5 dayss if you want to visit all the points of interest of the island and take the time to bask on the beautiful beaches of the island. To avoid wasting too much time on the journeys, I would advise you to opt for 2 drop points to sleep on the island: one in the north of Kefalonia like Asos for example, and another rather in the south like Argostoli.

village of Asos in the north of Kefalonia-kefalonia
Village of Asos © Virginie W.

Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia (Kefalonia), is ideal for visiting the south of the island. To visit the southeast, it will take about 1 hour to reach Skala. And to visit the peninsula to the west, you can take the shuttle that connects the port of Argostoli to Lixouri.

asos, this charming Venetian-style village is perfect for exploring the northern part of the island. It is located just 20 mins from Myrtos beach, 35 mins from Fiskardo, or 40 mins from Sami and its famous caves.

Here are other villages to stay in Kefalonia (Kefalonia) :

Sami, this port city located in the east of the island, is quite large and has all the necessary amenities (shops, cafes, taverns…). It is also the departure point for several ferries. Around Sami, don’t miss the caves, the ancient Acropolis and Antisamos beach.

Poros, another port village which benefits from several ferry connections. Quite large, it is also very close to the mountains and gorges. It is a perfect base between hikes and beaches.

Skala Where fiskardo are also interesting choices but more remote because they are located at the ends of Kefalonia. You will therefore spend a little more time in the car admiring the beautiful landscapes of the island.

Argostoli © Virginie W.

To choose your accommodation, I advise you to look on the Booking and Airbnb sites. In summer, accommodation is quickly unavailable so don’t hesitate to plan ahead.

Where to eat ? Our good addresses

To test all culinary specialties from Greece and more specifically from Kefalonia, you must of course eat in a tavern. And it’s not the choice that is missing! Here are a few that we have tested or that have been recommended to us:

To Sami:

  • Stop at Mezedopoleio “To Rahati” which enjoys an ideal location on the port. The tavern specializing in mezes (small portions) offers traditional dishes to enjoy facing the sea. a loukaniko (the traditional sausage, a treat!), or the succulent honey and balsamic chicken. And all this at a very reasonable price (10€ max per person, drinks included).
Visit Kefalonia-Kefalonia: Where and what to eat?  Kreatopita, tyropitakia, gigantes, kalamaria all washed down with Mythosthos
Specialties from Kefalonia and Greece © Virginie W.

In Skala:

  • The traditional tavern Your Pytharia is located a little behind the main pedestrian street of Skala. It is a very good choice to taste typical Greek cuisine: kreatopita (this meat pita is a specialty of Kefalonia), imam (made with eggplant), peinirli (mini pizza-boat), or even beef stifado, all washed down with local Robola white wine. Good value for money (between 10 and 15€ per person with drinks)
  • Another tavern that we liked: Mi Abeli, in the main pedestrian street which has a large terrace. Very good dishes and very reasonable prices: saganaki tyri (fried cheese), bougiourdi (baked feta with peppers), spetzofai (sausages with peppers), or gigantes me loukaniko (large dried beans and traditional sausage)…

On the road to Fiskardo:

  • In Markandonata, on the road that leads to Fiskardo, we tested Astragalia, a very good restaurant that mixes Greek and Italian (like its owners). If you want a change from Greek taverns, here we offer platters of charcuterie and cheese, including a goat’s milk cheese made by the manager himself. Original for Greece and delicious! However, if you are traveling with your children, beware of the high price of the pasta plate.

Ideas for taverns before, during or after the beach:

  • Next to the famous Makris Gialos beach near Argostoli, we had lunch at the Tzogia’s Tavern. The restaurant has a large terrace in the shade and parking. Despite its “tourist landmark” aspect, the food is very good and not expensive. And the dessert is offered!
  • At Petani beach, we were recommended but not tested, the Erasmus Tavernvery good tavern, delicious dishes and a superb view of the turquoise sea…
  • Restaurant ” Akrogialia Tou Kosta » in Agia Kiriaki for a good meal in front of an idyllic beach.
  • Or the family restaurant Alexandroson the road down to Myrtos beach, traditional cuisine from Kefalonia, with fresh fish and grilled meat.

What to see and do in Kefalonia (Kefalonia)?

Finally, there are so many things to do and see on this great island : beaches, caves, colorful villages with Venetian influences, hikes…

We also made a dedicated article to visit Kefalonia (Kefalonia): Top 10 must-sees in Kefalonia.

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