Visit Paros in 3 days: our top 12

Visit Paros in 3 days seems to us to be the minimum to enjoy its treasures! We have prepared you below our top 10 to be read as a guided itinerary over 3 days.

Paros is located in the heart of the Cyclades and is about 3 hours by boat from Santorini. We strongly recommend a stopover on this island with its many villages and sumptuous beaches.

Visit Paros in 3 days: where to sleep, where to eat?

Before starting this top 10, have you already planned accommodation? We advise you to sleep in Naoussa, there are many accommodations at very reasonable prices. And strolling the streets of Naoussa in the evening on foot from your hotel is very pleasant! If you want to be in a less touristy place, you can also look at Piso Livadi.

You will find all our recommendations concerning the accommodation and transport in this article.

1. Parikia: the port of Paros

© Living Athens – Parikia, a street in the city, Paros

Your ferry will dock in Parikia on your first day in Paros. Ideally choose a ferry that docks around noon to land in a tavern upon your arrival. You will then pick up your rental car, essential for discover the essentials of Paros!

Things to do in Parikia

  • the Basilica of Panagia Ekatontapyliani which dates from the 6th century and whose conservation is very impressive (see on the map)
  • stroll through the maze of alleys
  • climb above the ruins of the old castle to admire the waterfront and the charming little church of Agios Konstantinos (see on the map)

Where to eat in Parikia?

You can eat at Exesion Restaurant, it is at the foot of the port and shaded. The prices are very low, the service excellent and the products fresh and rather refined (see on the menu).

2. The Valley of the Butterflies

Refurbished a year ago, the terrace of the butterfly valley (see on the map) has something to seduce! A huge pergola covered with climbing plants, a fountain and a lovely spring water basin, a bar nestled in the rock, a caring couple. Your stay at the Valley of the Butterflies will not only be limited to the walk on the site but also to the comfort offered by this place sheltered from the sun.

Butterfly Valley, Paros
© Live Athens – Valley of the Butterflies, Paros

Depending on the weather the Butterfly Valley can be more or less full of butterflies. It is overall the same species of butterflies which are found throughout the park, so don’t expect to see many different colors. The entrance is paying but if there are no butterflies the day you come it will be offered to you.

3. Kolimpithres Beach: a beach like in the Seychelles

Kolimpithres Beach, Paros
© Athens Experience – Kolimpithres Beach, Paros

Kolimpithres Beach (see on the map) is a cove decorated with many polished rocks similar to those found in the Indian Ocean on the beautiful beaches of the Seychelles. Enjoy delicious turquoise water and a unique setting to cool off before hiking in Paros Park.

4. Paros Park and sunset at Paros Lighthouse

Paros Park, sunset in Paros
© Live Athens – Paros Park, sunset in Paros

Paros Park, located in the northwest of the island, is an ideal spot after Kolimpithres Beach to admire the surrounding nature. The walks are easy but not covered with trees. Wait until 7 p.m. to go there otherwise you will be very hot. Park here then start your drive towards the lighthouse, the trail is pretty well marked. The lighthouse is here, stay there until the sun goes down.

5. Náoussa: our favorite town in Paros

Strolling in the evening in Náoussa is a feast for the eyes. The streets are reminiscent of those of Mykonos but less crowded with a little more side select than its neighbour. The shops are generally open until midnight and the restaurants are quite expensive at the foot of the port. Check the cards carefully to avoid scams. On our side we recommend you to eat at the Palia Agora tavern (see on the map). There may be people waiting outside, announce yourself and be patient, it usually goes quite quickly!

If you are looking for a slightly more chic restaurant, we definitely recommend that you dine at Daverona (see on the map). The prices remain correct for a restaurant of this quality (allow 50€ for 2). Remember to book because it is popular with gourmets.

6. From Lefkés to Prodromos: the Byzantine route

Lefkes, village in the center of Paros
© Living Athens – Lefkes, Paros

For your 2nd day of our guide Visit Paros in 3 days, we recommend a very easy short hike! This is an old road dating back a millennium (1000 AD) that connects the magnificent Lefkes village equally picturesque village of Prodromes. Don’t wake up too late to enjoy the fresh morning air! Once in Lefkés, park your car here, go down the stairs opposite the road, then have a small snack after wandering around the village. You are now ready for the Byzantine route: meet here at the starting point. The walk is about 6km (allow 2 hours round trip), you can observe the sea and the island of Naxos in the distance. As you walk, observe the ground, often studded with marble slabs dating from the Byzantine period. This marble was taken from the Lakkoi career on the island of Paros.

Byzantine road in the distance between Lefkes and Prodromos
© Living Athens – Byzantine road in the distance between Lefkes and Prodromos

Stop halfway for lunch at Prodromos at Byzantino (very warm welcome and delicious food, try their amazing imam and orange cake). Or, if it’s still too early, stroll through Prodromos then walk to the nearby village of Marmara and stop at the Family Taverna. You will find excellent dishes at incredibly low prices (11€ for two people). Go say hello to the boss, he will make you drink raki before hitting the road again.

7. Golden Beach or Glifa

Windsurfers at Golden Beach, Paros
© Living Athens – Windsurfing at Golden Beach, Paros

In the afternoon you have two options: the famous Golden Beach or the glifa beach lower. If you like the sailboard or you’re not afraid of the sun, go to Golden Beach (park here then walk to the sea), the water here is beautiful and the conditions ideal for windsurfers. For rental, our favorite is at Force7 immediately on the left when arriving on the beach. Spiros, the landlord, is adorable and very willing to help you!

The glifa beach (see on the map), located further south has several trees offering shaded areas to put your towel down!

8. Piso Livadi and Logaras Beach

Piso Livadi, small port and beach Paros
© Vivre Athenes – Piso Livadi, small port and Paros beach

After your windsurfing session at Golden Beach or your moment of relaxation at Glifa Beach, stop for a moment in the beautiful coastal village of Piso Livadi. This is an opportunity to have a small snack before moving on to the rest of the program! Take advantage of your visit to Piso Livadi to observe the fishing boats as well as the coastal road which connects in 5 minutes on foot the Logaras beach to this pretty little fishing port.

© Live Athens – Logaras Beach, Paros

The old Fyssilanis establishment offers catering at a lower cost as well as deckchairs available free of charge from the first drink… hard to do better! Piso Livadi is a privileged spot for Greek families for their holidays.

9. Kalogeros Beach Clay

Kalogeros Beach, Paros
© Live Athens – Kalogeros Beach, Paros

Now that you have taken a short break in Piso Livadi, go to Kalogeros Beach to cover you in clay. Park here then on returning to the beach, turn right, you will find gray clay at the very bottom. Some walls can also be scraped to obtain green clay. Catch the laughs, watch them people covered in clayand head for those areas!

10. The village of Drios

Often, when you want to visit Paros in 3 days, you forget the south of the island. It would be a shame to miss the magnificent coastal village of Drios. With many trees, this village is also called the parian garden. Park here then walk towards the coast, it’s the most interesting place in the village!

11. Dinner at Aliki

Restaurant ΤΟ ΜΟΥΡΑΓΙΟ in Aliki, Paros
© Live Athens – Restaurant ΤΟ ΜΟΥΡΑΓΙΟ in Aliki, Paros

Arrive before sunset for dinner at Aliki. Charming little fishing port nestled in a bay, you will enjoy a magnificent setting sun. We recommend dining at ΤΟ ΜΟΥΡΑΓΙΟ after parking here. The restaurant is located on the harbor and the tables overlook the west. Remember to book if you want the best table at the end of the pier!

12. Antiparos: small island off Paros

Downtown Antiparos Island
© Living Athens – Downtown Antiparos Island

To visit Paros in 3 days as it should be, a stopover is essential in Antiparos. Getting there is an experience in itself! Go to the port of Pounta, boat rotations take place continuously and the crossing takes about 5 minutes. You can and should take your car on board. Observe the bustle on the boat, the speed of the port agents, it’s a real spectacle!!

Useful info for boat Pounta (Paros) <> Antiparos

  • Warning: the boat picks up at Pounta and not in Parikia (there are 2 ports in Paros)
  • Prices
    • 2€ / person / journey
    • 7.3€ / car / journey
  • Here you can access the boat timetable between the port of Pounta (Paros) and Antiparos.

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Article written by Thomas Gesland

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