What to do and see in Skopelos Greece: Top 7

Skopelos is a Sporades Island, this archipelago located in the Aegean Sea. We discovered Skopelos with great pleasure and we share with you here some unmissable things to do and see on Skopelos in Greece.

Greener than the Cyclades because covered with pines, the islands that make it up are a dream come true (Skopelos, Skiathos, Alonissos and Skyros). It is also in these islands that some scenes of the film were shot Mama Mia!

Our essential things to do and see in Skopelos

1 – Visit the port and the city of Chora

the port of skopelos is very nice. We stroll along the paved quay. There are many bars and restaurants… very touristy bars alternate with a few traditional cafes where only men meet.

Do not hesitate to sink into the alleys behind the port and to discover the old Chora… it’s charming.

Also take a little height to admire the view. Since thechurch dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Panagitsa Tou Pirgou) at the end of the port, you can climb to the ruins of the kastro (former Venetian fortress).

And after the effort, why not have a drink at Vrachos or more modestly at the little Anatoli bar?

2 – Climb to the Chapel of St John (Agios Ioannis)

Don’t miss St John’s Chapel or Agios Ioannis in Greek, located in the very north of the island. You will have to climb some very steep steps (199!) to get up there but the view is magnificent and the shade of the olive trees welcome on arrival.

agios ioannis chapel, its stairs and its beach to do and see in Skopelos in Greece
The Agios Ioannis (St Jean) chapel and its beach © Sophie B.

Below, there is a snack bar to quench your thirst and grab a bite.

Don’t miss the swimming at the foot of the rock. Paid umbrellas, but you can also sit on a piece of rock, and for the lucky ones on the small stretch of sandy beach.

3 – The beaches of Skopelos

Obviously one of the great attractions of the island are his beaches. The center of the island is mountainous and wooded with pines. While the steep coasts are lined with small paradises.

Vegetation adjoins translucent water, white rocks punctuate the coasts.

Kastani beach in Skopelos, the beach from the movie Mamma Mia!
Kastani Beach (Mamma Mia Beach) © Sophie B.

Our favourites:

Kastani : known to be the beach of the movie Mamma Mia! Very photogenic, the beach has sand and above all a magnificent sunset. A beach bar (quite noisy) set back also allows you to enjoy good cocktails ?.

Limnonari : a sandy beach in a protected cove to the West. Two taverns border the beach, deckchairs and catering available.

Agnontas : a pretty fishing port with a pebble beach. Bordered by many taverns, we particularly liked Korali, chic and delicious.

Agios Ioannis : near La Chapelle St Jean (Agios Ioannis), do not miss this tiny, windy beach. You can also enjoy a few deckchairs in season.

What to do and see in Skopelos in Greece: its beaches Kastani, Agios Ioannis, Milia, Agnontas... Beautiful beaches of Skopelos
My favorite beaches in Skopelos © Sophie B.

Mila : very close to Kastani paralia (beach in Greek), Mila beach is windier. The pebble beach is also magnificent and above all larger.

To the south you will also find 2 large beaches Stafilos and Velanio. Access with parking at Stafilo, not easy to park the car there, you have to walk a bit. Be careful, little shade on this pebble and rocky beach, parasols and deckchairs welcome. If the first beach is full, walk along Stafilos beach to the end to reach its twin Velanio a little further.

4 – Discover the monasteries of Skopelos

The hill accessible from the port of Skopelos is also covered with monasteries. Visit the monasteries of the island is therefore, undoubtedly, a must to do and see in Skopelos. A tranquility emerges, far from beach tourism.

We liked the short walk which consists of linking the monastery of Moni Sotirou to Moni Timiou. You can park at the first and take the path at the back which begins with a paved driveway.

5 – Take the plunge (or not): boat trip, snorkeling, diving…

The seabed around the island is magnificent. The marine reserve (Alonissos Marine Park) preserves the crystal clear waters.

Many boats offer day trips around Skopelos. To book you can do it on Manawa, do not miss the boat cruise and snorkeling around Skopelos. Or on the spot in the evening along the port. They are all there! Remember to book at the beginning of your stay.

There is also a diving center which offers baptisms and dives for all levels. Possible to organize a private outing.

To discover the isolated coasts and beaches of Skopelos, you can also rent a boat, with or without a skipper, and even if you do not have a boat license. Among all the offers offered by Click&Boat, you will necessarily find one that suits you.

6 – Go on a day trip to Alonissos and Skiathos

The islands of Alonissos and Skiathos are less than 30 minutes away by boat and can easily be done on a day trip from Skopelos.

  • By ferry: you can book your ferry tickets in a few clicks on the Ferry Hopper website, easy to use and in French
  • Or on excursions organized from the port.

You may also be lucky enough to meet dolphins or monk seals!

7 – Have a Mamma Mia day!

the famous movie Mamma Mia! was filmed in 2008 in northern Greece: partly on Skopelos (Kalokairi in the film), but also on the neighboring island of Skiathos and the Pelion peninsula.

So, launch your best Abba playlist and set off singing along to discover the different filming locations of the film on the island of Skopelos:

  • The Kastani beach, famous filming site. You won’t see the pier and the wooden bar that were set up especially for the film and taken down afterwards.
  • The Agios Ioannis Chapel where Sophie and Sky’s wedding takes place
  • The 3 pins or ” Tree Threes » on their rock jutting out into the sea after Amarantos beach
  • The surroundings of the Glysteri beach : the cliff above the beach, location of the fictional hotel Villa Donna, as well as the rocks from which Sophie and her fathers jump into the sea.

We spotted this Skopelos excursion: Mamma Mia Island Tour. On the background of Abba, the guide takes you to the different filming locations of the film, with explanations and anecdotes about the film and the island in general (in English). We haven’t tested it but it has very good reviews.

Whether you are a fan of Mamma Mia, Abba or just Greece in general, let yourself be tempted by this very beautiful green island of the Sporades.

Skopelos, here I go again!

Sophia B.

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