What to do in Paxos in a few days?

Paxos enchanted us! This small Ionian island, located in South of Corfu, does not lack charm. We stayed there only a few days, but took full advantage of its beaches, ribs and islets, trails of hikes among century-old olive trees and small villages picturesque. Here we give you the top 5 things to do in Paxos and all our tips.

Paxos, the sea and the olives

According to mythology, the island of Paxos was created by Poseidon who planted his trident on Corfu. Small pieces would have detached from it, which would be none other than the pretty islands of Paxos and Antipaxos.

Later, the fate of the island was largely linked to that of its large neighbor Corfu. In particular, we find theItalian influence in the architecture but also in the vegetation. Indeed, the Republic of Venice transformed the island of Paxos into a vast olive grove in charge of supplying it with olive oil. Even today, olive groves populate the center of the island which is surprisingly “green” for a Greek island.

Today, the island is a popular destination for sailboats and luxury yachts who come to anchor in the port of Gaios. A pleasure that is accessible to you thanks to Athenian Yachts and its weekly sailing cruises, with or without skipper. The island also hosts some very beautiful villas and distinguished residents. In Lakka, unfortunately, the day crossings from Corfu invade the peaceful village and the nearby beaches. So avoid high season and the port of Lakka if you like a holiday away from the crowds like us.

We suggest that you watch the series before going there: Maestro. Indeed, this Greek series on Netflix majestically reflects the beauty of the island. In addition, you will immerse yourself in Greek culture, this famous in-between between tragedy and comedy!

Top 5 things to do in Paxos

1. Stroll along the marina of Gaios and fall in love

Gaios is a superb little port, which is accessed after following a pedestrian path along a cove, skirting the islet of Agios Nikolaos. The main square in soft Italian colors comes alive in the evening when the coolness falls. We walk along the portwe stroll in the souvenir shops, sellers of olive oil, clothes and decoration and of course we sit down to have a drink or dine on the terrace.

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2. Go around the island by boat and snorkel

must-see in Paxos: the blue caves in Paxos
Image by Katarzyna Tyl from Pixabay

Paxos can be discovered by the sea, because many beaches are not accessible by land. Departures are from one of the three main ports: Gaios, Loggos or Lakka. One can book boats with or without license. It is also possible to book tours organized by pleasure boats from Gaios or Lakka and from go diving.

prefer it East Coast, less choppy, if you’re not a seasoned captain. If you leave for the day, you can push on to the superb beaches of Antipaxos. You can also decide to stop at the islet of Mongonisi, which can be circumvented to discover its crystal clear waters and its small port, lined with a tavern.

On the West Coast, the sea is stronger. You will discover a steep coast and cliffs. Also not to be missed is the Blue Grotto where it is possible to go diving in turquoise waters which then give way to very deep seabeds.

  • ⛵ To book and rent a boat, you can go to the Click and Boat website, many options available.
  • ⛵???? To book your boat-diving excursion, take a look at Manawa’s offer, which offers everything from a simple snorkeling and baptism outing to outings for experienced divers.

3. Go for a walk in the olive trees and discover small coves

paxos oliviers walks walks to do by the sea from lakka
© Sophie B.

The island is traversed by many shaded paths. It is very pleasant to walk because it is small. Here are some ideas for excursions:

  • From the village of Lakka, you will be able to discover on foot very beautiful beaches with paradisiacal and uncrowded waters. Between 2 and 3 km of pretty paths give access to the Western coast rocky and exposed: very close to the wild Plani and Meattie Buir’s beaches, ideal for snorkeling.
  • Always from Lakka, you can also explore the beaches of the west coast (3-4km) shaded by olive trees and composed of beautiful white pebbles. We advise you to go to Orkos beach via Arkoydaki beach and the coastal path accessible at the end of the port from Lakka. Another excursion, the wild beach of Glyfada then continue to the picturesque port of Loggos. Possible return by bus.
  • Since central village of Magazia, it is also possible to reach Erimitis beach. If you want a very nice view, go up high facing the cliffs on the terrace of the Erimitis Bar & Restaurant.

4. Discover Antipaxos

island of antipaxos discover wild island island of paxos
Photo by CALIN STAN on Unsplash

A short distance from Paxos, its twin Antipaxos will also delight lovers of beaches with turquoise waters. The islet has a few accommodations and restaurants. We can therefore decide to settle there for the holidays.

???? Not many accommodation offers on AntiPaxos, but some very popular ads on Booking (to see them, on the map, look south of Paxos), as well as other accommodations on Airbnb.

5. Enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Paxos

to do the best beaches of paxos and antipaxos plakes beach
Plakes © Sophie B.

Despite its small size, Paxos has many beaches. Avoid those too close to often more populated ports and prefer more inaccessible ones. Among our favorites:

  • Orkos beach: clear waters, white pebbles, very heavenly
  • Glyfada : small shaded pebble beach
  • Plan beach: nice for snorkeling on the west coast but little shade
  • Kipiada : very large white pebble sand, absolutely superb.
  • Beach of Levrechio : less isolated but has two taverns. Nice for the lunch break or the evening.
  • Monodendri : hype beach, with beach bar and deckchairs
  • Plakes beach: south of Gaios, large stone slabs to access the sea. Convenient because accessible on foot from the village.
  • The beach of Mongonissi, the only sand on the island. Very crowded in summer.
  • The beach of vikra in Antipaxos, fabulous.

⛱???? Don’t hesitate to go to the Paxos Map website, which presents the beaches in great detail.

And to finish deciding, here is the trailer for the new Greek series (in French version) shot in Paxos, Maestro. This series has everything from Greek tragedy and comedy!

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